ULTRA Sonic Spin ~ Record Cleaning Kit



Due to many requests from our loyal Vinyl Stack customers, in 2014 we were proud to introduce our original

Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit!

And now we are thrilled to introduce our newest version of the Sonic Spin with all the same great features and accessories, but with a new and exciting look!

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The Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit is a superior solution to cleaning multiple records without having to skewer them on a long, bulky BBQ style rod using a rotisserie motor to rotate them. 

Using our specially designed Sonic ‘3’ Stack Record Label Protector Units in conjunction with the motorized ULTRA Sonic Spin Unit and your own Ultrasonic Cleaner (not included), your record labels stay dry and protected while cleaning up to 3 records at a time!

(PLEASE NOTE:  We are now introducing another Sonic Spin kit that includes (2) Sonic ‘4’ Stack Record Label Protectors allowing you to clean up to 4 records at a time.  Due to the increased size of the stacks, the MINIMUM TANK WIDTH NEEDED is 9″ instead of the 6″ required with the standard kit.)

Our Sonic ‘3’ and ‘4’ Stacks provides close to 1″ spacing between your records which allows for better ultrasonic cleaning. 

It’s SIMPLE and EASY to use! 

Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit Features & Benefits:

  • Fast and Easy set up
  • Adjustable up and down from 11″ to 16 3/4″ enabling you to use your own ultrasonic cleaner & tank with a minimum height of 11″
  • Optimal inside tank dimensions should be a minimum of 11 3/4″ [L] x 6″ [D] x 6″ [W].  While a 6″ wide tank is adequate, wider tanks give you extra room to maneuver loading your record stacks on and off the motor spindle.  (NOTE: MINIMUM TANK WIDTH OF 9″ REQUIRED FOR KITS UPGRADED TO ‘4’ STACK UNITS)
  • Ultrasonic Cleaner can be moved around on the ULTRA Sonic Spin base as necessary for optimal placement
  • Variable Speed DC Motor allows slow rotation of your records in the ultrasonic tank resulting in optimal ultrasonic cleaning (from approximately 1.5 to 7 minutes per record revolution)
  • Motor Slip Clutch Effect enables easy loading and unloading of Sonic Stack Units without having to shut off motor
  • Clean 3 records at a time with 3 more ready to go on the additional Sonic ‘3’ Stack Unit included in your kit
  • No need to turn off the motor when rotating between cleaned and ready to be cleaned records
  • The Sonic Record Stack units allow you to load and unload your records quickly and easily
  • The Sonic Record Stack units keep your record labels dry regardless of time spent in your cleaning solution
  • Additional Sonic Spin Record Stack units in various sizes are available for purchase separately – please  click here  for details
  • Adjustable Voltage Universal AC/DC Power Supply with an input of 100-240 VAC is included in your kit
  • International Customers may need an adapter plug to fit the wall outlet. We have a variety available for purchase under the “Ultrasonic Record Cleaning” tab, or click  here to order.
  • Record drying stands are also available

So now, isn’t it time for you to try ultrasonic cleaning for your records? 

Purchase the Vinyl Stack ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit and get started today!

Your kit includes the items pictured above:

(2) Sonic ‘3’ Stack Record Label Protector Units

(upgrade option for Sonic ‘4’ Stacks available)

(6) 45 Record Adapters

Micro-fiber Cleaning / Drying Cloth

Adjustable Motorized Unit and HDPE Base

Adjustable Voltage Universal AC/DC Power Supply



***Important Safety Warning***

This unit uses a neodymium magnet.  The manufacturer warns that Pace-Makers or other bodily implants may be damaged in the presence of strong neodymium magnetic force.  It is recommended to keep a minimum distance of 3 feet.