Sonic Spin Record Stacks

We offer a variety of record stacks for use with our ULTRA Sonic Spin unit that can be purchased in addition to the 2 record stacks that are included in the Sonic Spin Kit.

(All our record stacks are also available in a design for cleaning by hand.  Please click here to be taken to our Manual Record Cleaning page.)

 ~ Sonic ‘3’ Stack Record Label Protector ~

Clean from 1 to 3 records at a time.  Record spacing is just under 1 inch with 3 records

Sonic ‘3’ Stack


~ Sonic ‘1’ Stack Record Label Protector ~

Clean 1 record at a time

Sonic ‘1’ Stack


~ Sonic ’45’ Stack Record Label Protector ~

The Sonic Spin Kit includes (2) Sonic ‘3’ Stack Record Label Protectors which are sized as small as they can be to cover the smaller labels of 7 inch 45 RPM records and still cover the larger labels on 33 1/3 LP’s as well.  Most of the time this is adequate, however you may find some 45’s with longer songs that may not leave much space between the end of the sound grooves and the plastic disc.  If you have a lot of 45’s to clean, we also offer a narrower stack designed to fit only 45’s leaving a little more space on the dead wax.  These are available as substitutes for one or both of the stacks included in the kit or you may wish to order additional stacks just for 45’s.  (For substitutions, please contact us at the time you place your order)

The Sonic ’45’ Stack is a narrower version of the Sonic Stack for use strictly with 45 RPM records that have smaller labels.  

Sonic ’45’ Stack (1 – 3 records)

Single Sonic ’45’ Stack (1 record)