Sonic ’78’ Stack

The Sonic ’78’ Stack is a Label Protector Designed Exclusively for 78 Records

It is a narrower version of our Sonic ‘3’ Stack and cannot be used to protect the labels of 33 LP or 45 RPM records.  Clean from 1 to 4 records at a time using our ULTRA Sonic Spin motorized unit. (Can also be used for manual cleaning)  Record spacing is just under 1 inch.

NOTE: Label sizes on 78’s vary widely. The average size is about 3″. Our Sonic ’78’ Stack is designed to protect labels that are a maximum of 3″ in diameter. Please take this into consideration when cleaning 78’s that may have larger labels. It may be necessary to clean these in another manner.

The Sonic ’78’ Stack includes:

(2-5) durable 3 inch HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic discs, two fitted with a single o-ring and two fitted with double o-rings

(2-4) snap-in 45 record adapters

(1) rubber sealing washer

(1) star shaped handle

(1) microfiber cleaning/drying cloth

~ Also Available – Single Sonic ’78’ Stack ~

Clean one ’78’ record at a time