Vinyl ‘3’ Stack Record Label Protector

The record stack on this page is NOT designed to work with the Sonic Spin unit. It is for manual cleaning.  Please navigate to the Ultrasonic Record Cleaning section to purchase stacks for use with the Sonic Spin.

Vinyl ‘3’ Stack allows you to clean your records without getting labels wet!  The difference between Vinyl Stack and other label saving record cleaning devices is our unique stacking disc system that allows you to clean not 1, not 2 but 3 records at one time with just under 1″ spacing between records!  And we don’t have to tell you that is a time saving feature!  Go through those records FAST!  Or clean one record at a time if you’d prefer, it’s up to you!  

(Due to a great amount of requests for a single version of our Vinyl Stack, we have designed a “short” stack disc system for those of you that would prefer to clean only one record at a time!  Please see our Vinyl ‘1’ Stack!)  

An extra long tapered handle allows ease of handling.  Vinyl Stack sits flat so you can set them anywhere without having to worry about your valuable records tipping.

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SIMPLE and EASY to use! 

 – Stack your vinyl records in between the sealing discs

 – Clean your records using your favorite cleaner

 – Rinse the records by running them under fresh water

 – Take your time with your cleaning and do it right!  Don’t worry about getting the labels wet!  No more rushing!  The specially designed disc’s and o-rings will seal off the labels protecting them and keeping them nice and dry!

 – After cleaning and rinsing your records just a quick shake holding the handle gets rid of excess water on the surface of the records so you can quickly wipe them dry with the included micro-fiber cleaning/drying cloth or allow to air dry.

**note: when taking Vinyl ‘3’ Stack apart after washing, there may be slight water residue where the o-rings sit, but your labels will be dry.  Simply wipe the droplets away.

Our Vinyl ‘3’ Stack Kit Includes:

(4) durable 4 1/2 inch HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) plastic disc’s (two with single o-rings and two with double o-rings)

(3) 45 record adapters

(1) rubber sealing washer

(1) extra long tapered handle

(1) microfiber cleaning/drying cloth