About Us

We at TheVinylStack are vinyl record enthusiasts just like you and have designed our products to care for and assist in cleaning your records as if they were our own!

As you know, there are all kinds of gadgets and gizmo’s out there to clean your vinyl records!  Many do not address the issue of wet, stained or ruined labels…..

Now there’s Vinyl Stack – designed to keep your record labels dry during cleaning! We offer a variety of Stack sizes to hold from 1 to 3 vinyl records while cleaning manually by hand or using ultrasonics!

For ultrasonic cleaning, check out our ULTRA Sonic Spin Kit with a new and exciting look – designed to use Vinyl Stack Record Label Protectors in conjunction with YOUR own ultrasonic cleaner!

Taking care of your vinyl can be costly, but we offer affordable products that are readily available to all!

All our products are hand made in the USA!